Afternoon at Wildwings

Yesterday was a beautiful but cold day in our neighborhood! Although the Wild Wings Ski Touring Center was not open for us to Cross Country ski this time around they were gracious hosts for both some yoga and snowshoeing. We started off the afternoon with some yoga in the toasty warm yoga room at Wild Wings. Tracy did a great class for us; lots of downward dogs and spiderman's...which the whole crew loved because they were allowed to walk up the walls!  We did some partner stretches as well, really working together to keep our balance. 

After our yoga warm-up we grabbed our snowshoes and went outside in to the beautiful day! Ian was our tour guide and we blazed a fresh trail to a really cool, partially frozen, waterfall. We talked trees along the way, pulling down branches and talking about what makes each tree different. There was a lot of slipping and sliding, at one point everyone did a really long penguin slide down a nice long pitch. It was definitely and adventure and the whole group really seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

To end our afternoon Wild Wings had a bonfire complete with s'mores and hot cocoa. It was a pretty stellar event.