3rd & 4th Grade Paint and Pizza!

1/8/16-  Due to the lack of snow we had to cancel our cross country ski trip and were lucky enough to have Stacy Gates offer to do a painting class for us instead! 

We started off with some circle time; with our usual "what are two good things that happened with you this week"?  The overwhelming response was "THIS! and Jisp".  It was cool to hear that everyone's favorite things were "unplugged"!  I then asked everyone to compare themselves to a cartoon character, we had some interesting responses for sure. 

Stacy then kicked off the painting portion of the event.  She had already sketched out the owl on each canvas so the girls were able to get their creative juices flowing with mixing and layering colors.  Stacy showed them that a little color can go a long way and how to make different shades of each color in order to make their painting unique to them.  They all focused really hard and their paintings turned out great! 

Lisa sent out an email with some add on events for this month...check that out!  Hope to see everyone there!   -Devo