7/8 Grade Girls Dancing and Baking

This past Sunday, December 6th, was my first event with the Unplugged 7th and 8th grade girls .  We did a combination of hip-hop dance lessons and holiday baking!  I had a great time getting to meet the girls, and spending time with others I already knew. 

We started in the Burr and Burton dance studio where two young ladies from the school's dance team taught the girls a few of their dances.  The girls were a little nervous and holding back in the beginning, but once they warmed up, the girls had a blast!  One group was adding their own moves, while the other group was determined to practice and make their performance perfect.  Once they had the dances down, the girls performed for each other and cheered each other on.  The teamwork was great, and the support for everyone was even better! 

We all walked together down the hill to the church kitchen so that we could bake and decorate holiday cookies.  The girls were each given sugar cookie dough to roll out, cut shakes out, bake, then decorate!  As the girls were working hard in the kitchen, we talked about it is a nice time of the year to think about things they are thankful for, and how it's important to express gratitude and give back to important people in their lives.  We also decided to leave a plate full of delicious cookies the girls decorated as a "thank you" to the church for letting us use their kitchen.

Marissa and I are looking forward for our next adventure - looking forward to see everyone again soon!

Sarah Shehadi