5/6 Girls go camping

With venturesome spirits, the girls engaged eagerly in a camping expedition up at Pete's camp in Windham, Vermont.  We set up for the night, some of us in small cabins but most of them in tents underneath some massive spruce trees.  We were blessed with the crisp December weather but not too cold.  Chef Jimmy made some delicious food.  When the night set in we had some circle time around the fire enjoying s'mores and the girls shared stories and personal details about their lives.  It was a clear sky full of so many constellations and the milky way. We were stargazing, getting to know one another more, and we were brainstorming strategies for navigating the increasingly complex challenge of identity development in a technology laden world.  They read letters by loved ones and took some time to write back to those who love them and take care of them. We listened to the screech owl and a pack of coyotes were captivating us in the field.  For breakfast we enjoyed eggs and pancakes and some hot chocolate.  Afterwards we had an epic game of capture the flag.  It was a truly fantastic experience and we are grateful for the connection and growth that occurred. We hope to get the rest of the Unplugged kids up to that camp.