3rd/4th Grade Girls Indoor Rock Climbing

Last Sunday, 12/6/15, the 3rd & 4th grade girls and I travelled to the Green Mountain Rock Climbing gym in Rutland.  This is always one of my favorite events and I was excited to have some girls that had rock climbed before and some newbies as well! 

The staff at the gym is always very informative, accommodating and helpful.  After we sat and did a little circle time and chatted about our "favorite things of the week" we wandered downstairs to the gym and the girls got a safety talk from the staff.  They taught everyone the rules of the wall and threw out some rocking climbing challenges to them as well.  Then we were off!  With three of us belaying, the girls had plenty of time to do a ton of rock climbing.  As the afternoon progressed we moved on to some more difficult climbs and I was so impressed with how well the girls did.  Even those that were new to rock climbing totally rocked it! 

We took a quick break for some pizza and then finished off strong with more climbing.  It was a great afternoon, I hope the girls were tired afterwards!  I would like to thank Emily Sullivan and Sage Lalor for all of their help!