3/4th Grade Girls Team Builders & Low Ropes Course

11.8.15 Beautiful day for the low ropes course at BBA! Our theme for the day was "overcoming obstacles" which was very appropriate with this activity and group!  

We started off by doing some getting to know you activities and teambuilders.  A few of these girls are new to myself and to each other, so there were some introductions and I had everyone tell the group two good things that happened this week.  We really learned a lot about each other by doing this and we will be starting future activities this way.  It really got us all on a positive note to start. The morning also included being blindfolded and directed by a partner, which the girls enjoyed a lot and brought up some trust discussions as well.

Then we were off to the course! Everyone was a little shakey at first but quickly got their legs under them!  They were able to move together in small groups all around the first feature with ease.  Lots of teamwork was happening to overcome that obstacle.  We went through five features and the way they worked together in groups was amazing!  Based on the feedback it seems like the trust fall was the hardest and most rewarding.  There were definitely some nerves but just about everyone did the fall.  

Our day concluded with a visit from Lisa Kelly who showed us the high ropes course.  The 5/6th graders who participate in unplugged use this course and I think the girls were excited (and nervous!) to see what was in store for them in future years.  Overall, a great day!  Thanks to Lisa Kern for her help!!