Boys Rock Climbing

On Saturday November 14, both Unplugged boys groups joined together to explore the world of rock climbing at the Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center in Rutland. It was great to see all the boys make new friends, challenge themselves with a new activity, and help each other out.

Morgan and I initiated a conversation on the theme of “support” by asking the boys to be aware of different ways they felt supported as they tried an activity potentially outside of their comfort zone. They made comments on feeling supported by the wall, the harnesses, the ropes, and their bilayer. They were also aware of supportive and encouraging words from other boys in the group, leaders and mentors.

It was nice to see how all of the boys went right to the wall to attempt to climb, either climbing up the rock walls or bouldering around the lower perimeter, as soon as they were given the opportunity. Many of the boys were still on-the-wall when the end-of-the-event bell rang! We think we have a few future rock-climbers in the group!

We were happy to have the support of two BBA juniors, Noah Kane and Owen Pollio, as well as a few parents. We look forward to the continued involvement of our high school student mentors. We also look forward to having current program participants become future mentors. For us, that’s a big part of what we’re trying to develop with the Unplugged program.

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We look forward to the next event, December 12, when we’ll play some adventure games and cook together at the Congregational Church in Manchester!

Bob Speck and Morgan Kelly